Emmerholt (2016)

Emmerholt is a VR action adventure game developed by Oneiric Entertainment. Players take the role of Eli, a young man who's lived his whole life on a quiet island village. But a dark power has come, and it changes Eli's world forever. As a designer, my duties included:

  • Level Design - designing and building two major gameplay spaces, the village and the fishery with the Unreal 4 editor.
  • Scripting - using Blueprints to create village interactions, like the bowling minigame, combat encounters, or tools like a 'Look at Trigger' which would fire events upon the player looking at it.
  • Narrative Design - writing dialogue and scripting cutscenes with Blueprints or UE4's Sequencer.

In 'Emmerholt Village Design', I discuss how I use world building to construct a believable, interesting village; and how I use scripting to make the village full of life and interactivity.

'Emmerholt Fishery Design' looks at my design process when creating the Fishery; the space was the main combat area. In the video, I discuss how I script combat encounters to add a unique flavor to each fight. I also talk about using world building to use the space as an opportunity to expand on the world and it's characters.