Null Directive (2017)

Null Directive is a First Person Shooter I completed with 3 artists for my undergraduate capstone. The player wakes up out of stasis, and a man's voice speaks from their headset: "I know you've got a ton of questions, but for now you'll just have to trust me; I'm gonna get you out of here. To start, you'll wanna pick up that gun."  The player journeys through the Sintere Tech Facility, looking for an escape while fighting off androids determined to kill them. 

As programmer and designer my duties included:

  • Programming the game systems in C++. I wrote core mechanics like player movement, the quest line, and the player weapon in C++. I also wrote several events so things could be exposed to scripting. I was specifically proud of the player weapon because it's firing properties differed depending on input length. We communicated all the weapon's info through visual elements on the gun, which was also awesome.
  • Technical Game Design. Working with 3 artists meant I took a lot of responsibilities for implementing a large part of the game. This included mission creation, level design, scripting, animation implementation, and anything else I could do to help the team. Check out the video where I break down the scripting and design that went into my favorite mission in the game!

The Game Design Doc can be viewed here.