Red Scare (2016)

Red Scare is a Fallout 4 quest mod I developed in Fall 2016. Players help Michael Eckert uncover what happened to his father when they were separated, days before the Great War. For the mod I developed:

  • 3 new locations designed and constructed with the Creation Kit editor.
  • a voiced NPC that I wrote and worked with a voice actor to perform. I used audacity to clean up the audio takes and a dialogue database to manage transcripts, direction notes, and file names for efficiency.
  • 4 holotapes that I developed and implemented in a similar process to the NPC.
  • a new side quest I implemented with the creation kit editor and Bethesda's proprietary scripting language, Papyrus.

Red Scare has 20,000+ downloads across, Nexus, Xbox One, and PC!  Here are links to the PC and Xbox One versions.

In 'Red Scare Design', I highlight some of my design decisions when developing Red Scare like using visual imagery to guide the player, creating multiple combat approaches, environmental storytelling, and narrative design.

I've had several Youtubers play through Red Scare, but Klone Wolf does a good job presenting the entire quest for those who want to see the mod in full without downloading and playing it.

The Design Doc can be viewed here.